Business Serving Life

The purpose of business and commerce is to support life, not the other way around.

Important Note

Since September, 2021, I have focused on maximizing life and human potential. I am nearing completion of a curriculum in Human Potential Coaching.

The remainder of this Friend and Champion website will remain intact as I apply more attention to my individual Human Potential Coaching clients.

To learn more about Human Potential Coaching and what it may mean for you and those you care about, please visit my new page:

We were not put on this earth to become consumed by work, commerce and business. We are here to celebrate life. We create commerce and businesses as a way of supporting life.

Friend and Champion is founded on the belief that business owners create their business in order to enhance their lives. For many business owners, the process of creating and growing a business becomes all-consuming.

At Friend and Champion, we help individuals and organizations achieve greater success with less effort, becoming better able to celebrate life. We help people enjoy success in business in such a way that they can celebrate all of life.