Assessments for Success

An assessment is a professional tool used to understand culture and behaviors. Assessments are the foundation of all our individual coaching and nearly all of the other services we provide.

For coaching and developing individuals, assessments help us quickly gain understanding of our clients in a way that increases how effectively we can guide them to the successful changes needed to achieve their desired results. By the same token, well-chosen assessments help individuals understand themselves like never before. This gives them additional power to move past obstacles and make the changes that allow them to achieve their ultimate objectives.

This is true for individuals, groups and teams, and for an organization as a whole.

Some of the assessments we use:

For Individuals

DISC (Behaviors)

How we behave, how we communicate and how it affects our relationships.

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Driving Forces (Motivators)

What makes us feel most fulfilled. What really matters to us.

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TriMetrix HD

A rich, multi-dimensional view of an individual.

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How we view ourselves and the world around us.

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Emotional Intelligence

How effective we are at recognizing, responding to emotions in ourselves and in others.

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For Organizations and Teams

OD (360) Surveys

Assessing the effectiveness of organizations and individuals within them.

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Stress Quotient

Assessing stress in the workplace.

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Custom Solutions

This website gives only a glimpse into the wide range of assessments and development processes available from Friend and Champion.

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