Dimensional Balance Chart

Acumen is one of the principal parts of a TriMetrix assessment. It is assessed using three perspectives of thought, taking into consideration both world view and view of self.

  • Intrinsic (feeling)
  • Extrinsic (doing)
  • Systemic (thinking)

Acumen is a person’s keenness and depth of perception and describes how a person thinks. TTI SI’s Acumen indicators can be thought of as describing the lens that person uses to filter information: do they process events from a people standpoint, a task standpoint or a system standpoint?

A person’s Acumen is often directly related to their performance.

Our assessments of Acumen examine six dimensions of thinking:

  • Understanding others
  • Practical thinking
  • Systems judgement
  • Sense of self
  • Role awareness
  • Self-direction


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