Annual Goals Review

The very best organizations know how well it is performing continuously. And the best organizations know what to measure. They measure ongoing activity, in addition to actual results.

When your organization is humming along perfectly, it is taking measurements daily, if not more often. As a result, you can quickly and regularly make adjustments to maintain high performance.

And even with ongoing measurement and adjustment, your business will benefit from stepping back and taking a fresh view every year.

Reviewing Goals and Results

At least yearly, you want to step back and take a fresh look at where you are and what you have achieved.

The Annual Goals Review process gives you the tools you need to significantly improve in four ways:

  • Clarify what you intended to achieve.
  • Understand how your results compare to your plans.
  • Set new and challenging goals for the next year.
  • Design practical plans for achieving even better results.

And here is the net result:

  1. You are clear on how well you performed,
  2. Know what steps to take for even better results next year,
  3. And you will move confidently toward achieving your dream.


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