Progress and Priority


Every single one of us is limited in the amount of work we can accomplish. Some can do more of a particular kind of work than others. But in the end, we all have our limits. We can make progress, but we cannot get it all done now.

And that is where priority comes in. We must pick and choose. We can get what we truly want, sooner and in greater quantity and quality, when we focus on what really matters. Priority trumps plethora.

This website has been dormant for more than a year simply because it has not been a priority for the success of Friend and Champion. We have served the number and types of clients we wanted to largely based on networks of business relationships and personal relationships, and referrals. With new strategic objectives and vision for the firm, this website has now become a priority.

Friend and Champion cannot and will not be all things to all people. But in 2017 we will be broadening the number of services we provide.

Through a well-coordinated team of independent consultants, coaches, advisers and other professionals, we will be providing a broader array of services to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve new heights.

At the same time, we will be narrowing our focus in terms of the kinds of clients we serve. This will all be made clear as this site grows and is rolled out over time.

This website is being rebuilt from the ground up, with new underlying technology and new vision of what Friend and Champion can do for the world, our community and you.┬áImprovements to the site will be rolled out incrementally, not held off for release as one big “finished” product.

So, come back often to see what’s new. Our goal is to bring value to you through this website. Whether or not you ever work with us as a client, we hope you will consider this site a valuable resource.

Oh, and if you’d like the answer to a question that hasn’t been published on this site yet, feel free to give us a call or use the Contact form to send us an email.

To your success, without compromise,

Laurence Hansen
February 2, 2017