Friend and Champion is a business coaching firm located in Fremont, California.

As founder of Friend and Champion, my primary goal is to help people get more of what they really want out of their business. In fact, if you meet me at a Chamber of Commerce mixer and ask, “What do you do?”, that is very likely what my response will be. The only thing I may add is, “and life.”

Another way to put it is I help people get improved results. Period.

What do you want to improve? I can help.

Business (or work or career) is just one aspect of life. But since it consumes anywhere from 36% to 50% or more of most people’s waking hours, it is an area where improved results can have a hugely positive impact on quality of life.

And so, improving results in business is the primary focus of Friend and Champion. The key to achieving improved results is to focus on developing better practices in business by focusing on the core areas of business development and organizational development.

Friend and Champion specializes in helping people achieving excellence through customized business coaching processes. We assist firms and individuals in discovering ways to make improvements both personally and professionally. We concentrate on the areas of strategic planning, leadership, management, sales, customer service, time strategies and process improvement. All programs are selected and customized to fit the specific needs of our clients.

I work in association with Strategic Solutions and also with Resource Associates Corporation. Hank Sullivan, founder and principal of Strategic Solutions, is a nationally certified business coach and a brilliant sales coach and strategist. Resource Associates Corporation has a nearly forty-year track record of creating and refining business development and organizational development processes that have been proven to be effective for individuals and every kind of organization, from the smallest to Fortune 100 companies.

These association allow me to draw upon and provide to my clients the very best and most current processes for improving their results.

In addition to the aforementioned programs, we also offer personalized business assessments of organizations and individuals. These assessments help identify strengths and weaknesses and action areas for improvements. They have been used by thousands of companies to evaluate their operations, select new people, promote the right people and help people further develop the skills best suited to them.

I am proud to be able to help my clients make significant improvements in their businesses and work, with the net result being overall improved quality of life.

Laurence Hansen